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Soleil Laque
26.25 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 13.13 €
Non-aerosol UV protection hairspray for outdoors
Glossing Spray
29.25 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 19.50 €
Aerosol shine spray for silky, radiant shine
Brillance Crème
14.75 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 29.50 €
Conditioning styling cream with a unique UV filter - for styling, protection and care in one single product.
Thickening Cream
24.25 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 19.40 €
Instantly and visibly more volume and noticeably more body for the hair: the individual hair is proven to be up to 10 percent thicker, and remains natural, flexible and shapeable
Powder Spray
25.25 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 12.63 €
Aerosol matte spray for more texture and volume
Light Defining Cream
17.25 €
Basic price per 100 ml: 17.25 €
A new generation of products for weightless styling and a natural finish: Light Defining Cream provides perfect definition and control without fixing the hair