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Teint Naturel
from 39.25 kr
Basic price per 1 ml: 1.31 kr
Fresh, youthful make-up for a flawless complexion and reduced appearance of aging.
Earth Glow Gel
from 32.50 kr
Basic price per 1 ml: 0.81 kr
Feathery light, tinted moisturising gel with protection against environmental influences.
Teint Frais
from 29.00 kr
Basic price per 1 ml: 0.97 kr
Light tinted day cream for a flawless complexion
Extreme Stay Foundation
from 41.25 kr
Basic price per 1 g: 4.13 kr
Perfekt für unterwegs: Kompakt-Make-up verbindet die Deckkraft einer flüssigen Foundation mit der mattierenden Konsistenz eines losen Puders
Sun Care Foundation
from 43.50 kr
Basic price per 1 g: 4.83 kr
An ideal beach or sports make-up: Make-up compact that gives the complexion a hint of a summer tan, and also protects it from UV rays