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22.00 €
Basic price per 1 l: 293.33 €
3 in 1 – aftershave, revitalising face care and beard care in one: For the perfect care of skin and hair after shaving.
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Basic price per 1 l: 130.00 €
For skin, hair and beard. An exciting energising shower gel that gently cleanses and contains an extra portion of moisture to protect the hair and skin against dehydration.
61.75 €
Basic price per 1 l: 1,235.00 €
Eau de Toilette Homme for a sensuous men’s scent.
16.50 €
Basic price per 1 l: 110.00 €
For the perfect shave: Lightly foaming hydrogel with high-quality ingredients. These ensure that the skin is pampered as you shave.
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Basic price per 1 l: 170.00 €
Refreshing deodorant for long-lasting freshness: The excitingly masculine scent and antiperspirant active ingredients guarantee a reliable, pleasant protection.
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Basic price per 1 pcs: 41.25 €
Body Wash 200ml + After Shave 75ml + Intensive Hand Care 50ml