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Magic White Effect Varnish
18.50 €
Basic price per 1 ml: 2.06 €
Special effect nail polish for dazzlingly white nails
Eyeshadow Pen
from 21.25 €
Basic price per 1 g: 15.18 €
Practical eyeshadow pen: Rapidly and easily creates a perfect, smudge and waterproof eye make-up look
Eye Performer
from 20.00 €
Basic price per 1 g: 16.67 €
Waterproof eyeliner with unique performance for unforgettable eyes
Perfect Volume
from 23.75 €
Basic price per 1 ml: 2.97 €
Ultimate volumising mascara for unmistakably beautiful lashes
Hydro Gloss
22.25 €
Basic price per 1 ml: 4.94 €
Conditioning water-based lipgloss: Instantly and lastingly moisturises whilst magically giving the lips a wonderfully shiny finish.