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Masque Hydro Sensitif
Basic price per 100 ml: $43.33
Skin-calming moisture mask for all skin types
Masque Clarifiant
Basic price per 100 ml: $37.67
Skin-clarifying face mask: For skin-calming cleansing and a visibly deep cleansed, healthy and radiant complexion.
Masque Peeling
Basic price per 100 ml: $37.67
Gentle, skin-refining exfoliating mask: For cleansing right down to the pores and a visibly smoother, softer and fresher complexion.
Peeling Enzymatique
Basic price per 100 ml: $31.67
Skin-revitalizing for sensitive skin. For a fresh, radiant appearance and velvety soft skin
Patch Gel Liftant
Basic price per 1 pcs: $2.86
Cell-active anti-aging eye pads with instant lifting effect for all skin types