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Heat Protecting Spray (ex Heat Protector)

The heat protection spray ensures long-lasting smooth looks and sleek, shiny results.
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100 ml
£ 26.00
Basic price per 1 l: £ 260.00
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Shiny, straight hair without frizz is a dream. As very few people naturally have completely straight hair, many people resort to heat tools such as hair dryers and straighteners to achieve the straight look. However, heat tools can damage the hair and make it straw-like and brittle. The multifunctional Heat Protecting Spray breaks this cycle. The spray contains a special formula that locks moisture into the hair, reduces hair damage and gives it a shimmering shine. Nourishing bisabolol from camomile gives the hair silky smoothness. This gives you the perfect, long-lasting straight look without damaging your hair and without frizz.