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41.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 2,750.00 €
Turns back the skin’s biological clock. The revitalising care of the eye area combats wrinkles and fine lines, dark under eye circles and lachrymal sacs.
40.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 161.00 €
Clair de Teint Jeunesse extremely gently cleanses the skin of dirt and make-up. The light cleansing milk makes the skin feel silky soft and pleasantly fresh.
67.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 1,345.00 €
Moisture balance care for day and night: protects and regenerates dehydrated skin, supplies valuable moisture and gives you a fresh, radiant appearance.
62.00 €
Basic price per 1 l: 1,240.00 €
For youthfully radiant skin, at any age. The revitalizing cream accelerates the appearance of elasticity and radiant skim while protecting it against harmful environmental pollution and stressors.
69.00 €
Basic price per 1 l: 2,300.00 €
For effective regeneration of the skin structure: revitalising oil concentrate – also ideal for very dry skin or during the cold season
46.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 185.00 €
Visalix Jeunesse refreshes the skin, supplies it with an extra portion of moisture and is thus the perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine.
67.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 1,345.00 €
Revitalizing face cream for day and night: promotes a fresh balance, results in a visibly more youthful complexion and beautifully turns back the skin’s biological clock bit little by little.
27.00 €
Basic price per 1 l: 360.00 €
Skin-revitalizing for sensitive skin. For a fresh, radiant appearance and velvety soft skin
67.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 1,345.00 €
Regenerative intensive care cream for day and night: regenerates dry skin and provides it with particularly intensive and rich care.
88.25 €
Basic price per 1 ml: 2.94 €
Conditioning gel from natural plant extracts: instantly and lastingly moisturises whilst protecting against damaging external influences.
52.75 €
Basic price per 1 l: 3,516.67 €
Revitalising aromatherapy to stimulate the skin – keep your skin looking young for longer.