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Traitement Contour
65.50 €
Basic price per 1 l: 3,275.00 €
Cell-active intensive eye care with instant smoothening effect for the demanding, normal to dry or sensitive eye contours
Patch Gel Liftant
62.00 €
Basic price per 1 pcs: 3.10 €
Cell-active anti-aging eye pads with instant lifting effect for all skin types
Menulphia Jeunesse Contour
39.25 €
Basic price per 1 l: 2,616.67 €
Turns back the skin’s biological clock. The revitalising care of the eye area combats wrinkles and fine lines, dark under eye circles and lachrymal sacs.
Belesthétique The Eye Cream
102.50 €
Basic price per 1 l: 6,833.33 €
Lifting care for the skin’s timeless beauty around the eyes and lips.
Traitement Lèvres
27.50 €
Basic price per 1 ml: 1.83 €
Cell-active intensive care for lips with instant anti-crease effect for sensitive, dehydrated and highly stressed lips
Dermosthetique AGE 3 Lifting Eye Cream
57.00 €
Basic price per 1 l: 3,800.00 €
Moisturising eye care cream with skin-firming AGE³ complex
Dermosthetique AGE 3 Instant Lifting Eye Patch
55.00 €
Basic price per 1 pcs: 2.75 €
Hydrogel eye pads with AGE3 complex and an instant lifting effect.