Automatic Pencil for Eyes

The waterproof eyeliner features an unbeatable texture for intense colour and long-lasting eye make-up.
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This waterproof eyeliner enables precise outlining of the eyes for a glamorous appearance. Automatic Pencil for Eyes combines intense and long-lasting colour with softness and breathtaking shine for eyecatching peepers. The soft tip glides precisely and automatically over your skin. All it takes is a single application to define the eye contours. The waterproof eyeliner features an impressively high melting point, which prevents it melting on the skin so that it stays where it belongs. The result is a lovely sight! Pencil for Eyes gives you full lashes and a mini facelift for wide awake eyes. The little sponge is wonderfully suited to softly blend your favourite eye shadow. The waterproof texture is smudge-proof so that you can dance the night away.