Spa Wellness Hair Shampoo

Wellness shampoo for daily hair-washing.
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Wellness at its best for the hair and scalp! With its mild surfactants, Wellness Hair Shampoo cleanses the hair particularly gently while respecting the healthy balance of the scalp. Sodium salts of lactic acid and gluconic acid, both components of the skin’s natural moisturising factor, prevent the scalp from drying out. Pure plant-based prebiotics such as inulin and glucan oligosaccharides maintain the balance of the scalp environment by specifically supporting the growth of health-promoting bacteria and are proven to reduce harmful bacteria. Undesired, often inflammatory skin conditions heal faster and the scalp’s barrier function is strengthened. The scent composition with green lime, aromatic notes of basil, lemongrass and pink pepper and a sensuous, lingering combination of vanilla and woody cedar provides an ultimate feel-good experience.