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Spa Refreshing Hand Wash

Refreshing cleansing gel for the hands
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250 ml
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The refreshing hand cleansing gel is an absolute must for every wash basin because it transforms an everyday hygienic task into a little feel-good moment. Mild surfactants provide thorough cleansing that is so gentle that it doesn’t stress the sensitive skin of the hands. A complex of brown algae, green microalgae and marine polysaccharides prevents the skin from drying out when you wash your hands. The moisture-locking  power of these active marine ingredients is complemented by pure sea water, which supplies the skin with trace elements and has a toning effect. After hand-washing, the hands are left with a feeling of pure freshness, accompanied by a wonderfully invigorating scent with essences of raspberry, basil and lime, the delicate floral notes of water lily, violet and orchid and an aromatic woody base note of cedar and moss. Pure enjoyment for the hands!