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Soothing After-Sun Bodylotion

The refreshing body lotion calms and relaxes sun-stressed skin, and supports its natural regeneration and defence mechanisms between sunbathing sessions.
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200 ml
31.50 €
Basic price per 1 l: 157.50 €
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When the skin is hot, tight and red at the end of a wonderful day in the sun, the Soothing After Sun Body Lotion provides instant cooling and alleviation. The conditioning milk quenches the skin’s thirst, pampers it with moisture and reduces redness. The calmed skin can thus take care of its natural regeneration, and combat the free radicals caused by UV radiation. This is helped by an intelligent cell and DNA protection with sunflower seeds and natural antioxidants. It supports the skin’s repair, and protects it from light-induced skin aging, as well as chronic sun damage. Thanks to the biomimetic base with components of the skin’s own hydrolipid film, all active substances are effectively transported into the skin where they develop their full effect. The skin feels relaxed, and its elasticity and softness are restored.