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Nail & Cuticle Care

Intensive care for strong, stable nails and smooth cuticles.
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9 ml
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Stable fingernails and toenails surrounded by smooth, well-groomed cuticles embody healthy vitality and are an attractive feature. What’s more, they are now easy to achieve with the ideal care product. We want our nails to be both strong and flexible, highly resistant and have a healthy shine. However, a lack of vitamins and minerals or external stress factors can cause them to dry out, become brittle and split. Nail & Cuticle Care combats brittle nails and dry cuticles and noticeably stabilises them. An extract from pistachio tree resin strengthens the nails, makes them thicker and more resistant and prevents premature breakage. A lactic acid ester improves moisture storage, conditions the cuticles with essential fatty acids, keeps them soft and protects them from tearing. The result: beautiful nails and cuticles!