Volume - care for fine, weak hair

It is genetically determined what hair fullness and thickness we have on our head. What we make of it, that is up to us. Fine hair just needs special care and handling.

Some are born with fine hair, for others lifestyle, lack of care or disease take their toll, causing the hair to become thinner, weaker or even thinning. The characteristics are the same: fine hair is sensitive, quickly becomes oily and loses volume. Tailor-made care should strengthen and thicken the fine hair in the long term, but in no way weigh it down. A balancing act that the products of the Volume series achieve with bravura and a sophisticated active concept. With plant proteins and selected algae extracts, the products strengthen, thicken and thicken fine, weak hair, providing carefree fullness and maximum volume.

What is fine hair anyway?

In the linguistic usage one distinguishes between thin and fine hair. Thin hair describes the number of hairs on the head, which in this case is less than normal. Fine hair, however, means the thickness of the individual hair. Fine hair has a diameter of only about 0.04 millimeters, compared to the 0.05 to 0.07 millimeters of normal hair or the hair thicker than 0.07 millimeters.

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