Dermosthétique Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Capsules

With active ingredients from the sea and highly concentrated lipid extracts, each capsule supplies multifaceted moisture and locks it into the skin, which instantly becomes smoother, firmer and silky soft.
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    Small capsule, big treat for the skin! The enjoyable experience begins the moment you apply the silky serum texture to your skin. Even dry, rough skin visibly relaxes in an instant and thanks you for the care with a silky soft skin sensation. Specially encapsulated hyaluronic acid is gradually released so that it can lastingly bind moisture in the top layer of skin. Marsh samphire fills up the moisture reservoirs in the deeper layers and activates the natural urea synthesis. An extract of rock samphire boosts ceramide synthesis and firms the skin structure, while antioxidants from rice and rosemary protect the cells against negative environmental influences. Dead skin cells and fine lines look visibly reduced. The smoothing hydro lipogel is also ideal for using as a make-up base because it prevents make-up from caking and ensures that the look has a long-lasting fresh and vibrant appearance.