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Experience the cleansing power of nature! Botanique Gentle Cleansing Gel provides particularly mild and non-dehydrating cleansing of face and body with a cleansing complex of oats. A delicate lavender scent turns the cleansing ritual into a Relaxing experience.


Long hair is great. If only you didn’t have to deal with the annoying pulling and detangling after washing your hair. Now you can say bye-bye to this thanks to Cheveux Longs Detangling Spa Spray! Simply spray on to damp hair, and the scented spray surrounds every hair with the intensive power of active ingredients and instantly improves the feel of the hair structure. The comb effortlessly glides through the tamed lengths, and the hair is wonderfully smooth and shiny.


These textures are amazing! Even applying the new Highlighter Trio Rose and the new Liquid Lipstick Satin Rose is a real pleasure. One is delicate and silky like a shimmering veil; the other is liquid and velvety with a silky matte colour. Things are looking rosy for your complexion and lips!


Green and exotic, with a heart of flowers. Eau de Parfum Femme is a marriage of all the good things that spring and summer have to offer. A green top note and the exotic fruity essences of lychee, davana and Peach meet the lightness of citrus notes and freesia. The heart note captivates you with a bouquet of roses, osmanthus, iris and jasmine. Finally, the sensuous base note gives the scent earthy depth with its soft chypre character that is perfect for both day and night.


Pre-tanning in the sun studio is like sunbathing without sun protection: absolutely unthinkable! But that doesn’t mean that fans of a healthy tan can’t still prepare their body for the season where you bare more skin. Soleil Activateur de Bronzage is a conditioning Emulsion with a delicate summer scent. It helps the skin to store moisture, protects from Dehydration and refines the complexion. At the same time, it boosts the skin’s Pigmentation for a faster, better and more even tan. Here comes the sun!


A tiny amount of Brillance Crème is enough to magically transform dry, porous hair into silky, shiny, smooth and stylable hair. This is thanks to the product’s conditioning waxes and oils. As a result of the UV protection integrated in the styling cream, the spring sun gives the hair brilliant shine without damaging it.


Take pure sea salt in a conditioning gel texture with an invigorating scent … this is the recipe Spa Actif Sea Salt Scrub uses to energise you and give you silky soft and smooth skin. If the gel comes into contact with water, it transforms into a rich and conditioning emulsion. Sea salt granules gently remove dry dead skin cells and stimulate skin renewal. You are sure to be impressed by the delicate softness of your Skin and the unique feeling of freshness!

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1. Gentle Cleansing Gel

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Gentle cleansing hydrogel for a thorough and relaxing cleansing of face and body. With balancing scent essences.


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