Sunny hours without compromises

Sun, summer, beach and sand. Enjoy the season without compromise with our Soleil range which will also surround you in a fresh scent.

For many people, summer is their favourite time of year. It is warm and sunny, the days are getting longer and people like spending them at the beach, in the infinity pool or bathing in the local lake. Their skin gets a nice tan, their hair shines with natural highlights. But summer also has its drawbacks: dry and damaged hair, sunburn and dehydrated skin. For you to enjoy the sunny days without problems, our Soleil range offers everything that your sunny heart desires. With ideal preparation, perfect protection and the right aftersun care, nothing can stop you from enjoying the beautiful weather.

The right preparation

3 in 1 super care: Activateur de Bronzage cares for the skin, boosts melanin production and stimulates the skin’s protection mechanisms. Simply apply to the skin in the morning a few days before your holiday in the sun, and enjoy a long-lasting tan without damaging sunburn.

Protective sun milk

The two newly formulated sun milk products Emulsion SPF 25 and Emulsion SPF 15 feature UV protection, care and a tanning activator in one. The emulsions are highly suitable for sensitive skin and easy to distribute thanks to their ideal texture.

Do you feel like jumping into the water to cool off? No problem because the sun milk is waterproof. It also protects you from free radicals, and thus provides conditioning all-round protection.

Light as a feather protection

Soleil Spray Invisible spray on easily and doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin. This sun protection isn’t sticky either. To avoid wasting valuable time in the sun applying cream, you don’t have to rub this product in.

SPF 30 for sensitive skin, sunbathing at the outdoor pool, exploring new cities or long walks on the beach.

A shiny head of hair

Is your beautiful hair stressed by seawater, sun and chlorinated water during the summer holidays? We have the solution! The water-repellent Soleil Vitalité Express care spray protects your hair in the sun from UV radiation, and leaves you with silky soft hair. It also contains valuable wheat peptides to improve the hair structure and repair already damaged hair. The summery, sensuous scent with a light coconut note rounds off your holiday feeling perfectly.

The extra portion of aftercare

After a relaxing day on the beach, you should shower off all harmful substances and sun protection residue. Soleil Shampooing gently cleanses sun-stressed hair and frees it from chlorine or sea water. It contains sunflower extract to deactivate the free radicals produced by UV radiation, thus protecting the hair from pigment loss while optimising the moisture content of the hair.

For an extra portion of care, apply Soleil Crème afterwards. This conditioner is designed to be used after the shampoo. Depending on how much time you have, you can either use as an express treatment by leaving on for just a few minutes or, for deep-conditioning results leave on for longer. This enables the. valuable ingredients and extracts to penetrate deeply into the hair structurewhich gives an even longer lasting result and protection.

Now you can enjoy shimmering hair on gorgeous summer evenings, and prepare your hair perfectly for a wonderful time in the sun the next day.

For a lasting tan

Following a relaxing shower after sunbathing, sunflower seed and rosemary extract let the skin regenerate. In addition, Emulsion Corps Après Soleil regulates the moisture balance of the skin. The emulsion provides moisture and care thus ensuring a lasting tan.

The special care Creme Visage Après Soleil is ideal for sensitive areas of skin like the face: valuable active ingredients provide the face with even more intensive care to combat dry skin, and have a relaxing effect on minor irritations caused by the sun. The cream can be applied either as facial care after sunbathing or as an intensive mask to provide the face with wonderful care.

Hair & Skin Care Soleil

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1. Activateur de Bronzage

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Quick Overview

3 in 1: The moisturising tanning activator prepares the skin for the sun, accelerates the tanning process and stimulates the skin’s own protection mechanisms.


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