Easter 2020

Happy Easter!

The most beautiful gift ideas for Easter – bring on Easter with these exclusive La Biosthétique care products.

Tradition here or there, they are much too good to hide. Because our gift ideas for Easter are very special highlights, will bring joy and ensure that your loved ones will outshine the spring sun. Why? Because high-quality active ingredients and nutrients strengthen skin and hair and combat the natural aging process.

How does that work exactly?

Our Traitement Contour, Patch Gel Liftant and Traitement Lèvres from the cosmeceutical product range Dermosthétique® Anti-Age harness the deep-action, cell-active active ingredients to tackle the origins and causes of skin aging: Phyto cell extracts support the formation of new parent cells, delay the aging process and combat the formation of new and worsening of existing wrinkles. Glyco cell extracts combat saccharification and thus hardening of the tissue, resulting in a smooth, elastic skin.

Traitement Contour

For beautiful eyes!

The cell-active lifting eye care contains red sea grass and hibiscus to combat visible fine lines and dark undereye circles caused by stress and tiredness, and makes the delicate skin around the eyes look much smoother, tighter and more awake. After just a few days. The care is suitable for demanding, normal, dry and sensitive skin.

Patch Gel Liftant

First aid for a quick fix.

Patch Gel Liftant magically turns a tired, tense eye area with fine lines into a delicate, tightened and awake skin. Plant extracts from the tuber supply the eye area with lots of moisture and thus reduce the wrinkle depth. For a visible instant lifting effect and a 24-hour long-term effect.

Traitement Lèvres

Delicate care for soft lips

Our Fashion Week favourite: This cell-active anti-aging lip care with instant effect makes dry, rough lips a thing of the past. The contained plankton extract combats wrinkles from the very first application, white mustard seed provides more fullness and moisture. The lips are firmer and fuller, the lip contour looks more clearly defined and the lip colour is more intense.

Elixir Anti-Grey

Youthful radiance for your hair

The cell-active powerful scalp lotion with the unique, clinically tested and patented active ingredient complex Anti Grey has a triple effect to combat grey hair.  A biomimetic peptide activates the natural melanin production of the hair papilla. The hair’s original natural hair colour is thus restored. Extract of candle bush leaves protects the pigment-forming cells of the hair, and slows down the aging process, a mineral energiser from the medicinal gemstone malachite supplies the hair with vital trace elements. For a strong and revitalised result.

1. Traitement Contour

SKU# 002968

Quick Overview

Traitement Contour smoothens, lifts and repairs the demanding, normal to dry or sensitive eye contours and combats undereye shadows.


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Delivery Time 1-3 working days

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