The search for beauty begins with an idea, or rather it begins with an attitude: Good is beautiful. Right is beautiful. Happy is beautiful. True beauty is more than the eye can see. It is in everything and everything is connected to it.

Whoever develops products for beauty, for skin and hair must make use of the latest research. They must find the best ingredients that nature has to offer and they must extract them gently. Whoever is in the beauty business must produce things with state-of-the-art technology. They must be an expert, in every sense of the word, in skin and hair.

We do all this at La Biosthétique. But that is just the first step. Because even if only the best is good enough for La Biosthétique, there is something that is even more important: We believe whoever is in the beauty business must love people.

People are the focus of all that we do. Because every single person is incomparable. Their skin. Their hair. Their style. Their taste. Their wishes and dreams. To give a consultation with true expertise, you need lots of knowledge - which is why our products are almost exclusively available from specially trained pros in our partner salons. You need a nose for trends, fashion and individuality. Whoever wants to give beauty must be able to create joy. Joy is beautiful.

All this is part of everything we do since scientist Marcel Contier founded La Biosthétique in 1972. It is part of the name that he gave his company: Bios and aesthetics, life and beauty. Today, the Weiser family upholds these values as the owners of the company. 

That is our philosophy: State-of-the-art research, natural ingredients, the ultimate expertise, premium service – and people are always the focus of our business.  

We call it The Culture Of Total Beauty.